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Illuminated Flexible Signs using electroluminescent technology

– Vehicle ID Signage
– Mining & Construction Signs
– Smart Road Signs
– Safety Signs

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What is Electroluminescent technology?

Electroluminescent (EL) technology creates a paper thin, captivating light source, which is superior to traditional static backlit signage and posters creating a less expensive, compact and low energy consumption alternative. This technology means that custom artwork or signage may be animated to individual specifications, illuminating any size, shape, colour or sequence.

The potential of the EL product is almost limitless across a wide range of applications. EL panels are tailored to the environment in which they will be used. Because El signs are vibration and impact resistant, they are able to be individually designed for maximum visibility and in places where traditional signage shows less effect.

El Flexible Signs

Flexible Sign

• Conforms to any shape
• Ultra thin less than 0.5mm thick
• Impact & Vibration Resistant
• Waterproof IP67 rated


Quality Assured

• Australian made & owned
• Built to your exact requirements
• 12 months warranty


High Visibility

• Illuminated
• Visible up to 5 -6 miles
• Taking positive communication
to a whole new level


Great Value

• A fraction of the cost of LED
• Quick & Easy to install
• Built to last 20 years

Ezy Signs El Flexible Illuminated Mining ID
Ezy Signs El Flexible Illuminated Mining ID
Ezy Signs El Flexible Illuminated Mining ID

Electroluminescence Vehicle ID Numbers

Identifying vehicles at night is a must, particularly in mining safety. Conventional reflective signage is a standard in every mining site. They serve their purpose in perfect weather conditions but when it rains or working conditions throw up dust, reflective signage may not be an option, until now. El Flexible Signs is proud to offer a state of the art Electroluminescence Vehicle ID Numbers to the industry, using our Bayer patented technology our light is visible from 8-9 kilometers away.

• Flexible & Lightweight – approx 0.2mm thin
• Impact & vibration resistant
• Waterproof IP67 Rated
• Visible over 5-6 miles in all weathered conditions*
• Available as stickers to wrap around curves surfaces
• Is reliable, and does not catastrophically fail as it consists of millions of microscopic particles