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Social Media Marketing and Graphic Design Mackay.

New Financial Year Resolutions… Engage in social media more

Social Media Marketing isn’t going anywhere. In fact, companies are allocating more and more funds for marketing with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. If you’re not active on social media then you’re probably missing out on opportunities and potential customers.

The first step to engaging in social media is to upload professional graphics to your social media pages. Well-designed social media graphic can do wonders for your business’s brand awareness.

Visual content in social media is very important as visual posts like graphics and photos receive more engagement. It’s ideal to share branded banners with your business’s services, contact information and logo, banners displaying customer testimonials and photos of your work, products and your staff.

Need help with the graphics for your social media pages? Simply give us a call and we can design it all for you. Call us on PH: 4952 4488 or e-mail We can help with all your Social Media Marketing services in Mackay. 

- Holly Murphy - Graphic/Web Designer, Mackay,

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