Vehicle Signage

Vehicle signage is like a 24/7 moving billboard advertising your business everywhere you go. It’s free advertising space for you to take advantage of. Ezy Sign Solutions can transform your vehicle with vinyl cut decals, one way vision or even a printed car wrap. With our professional graphic design service we can make sure your car graphics will stand out and communicate your message effectively.

Your vehicle signage options

David Reid Homes Vehicle Wrap

Printed Car Wrap

A digital wrap is a large, printed vinyl decal that lets you change the appearance of your vehicle. It is 100% safe to vehicle’s paint, in fact it can protect it. Digital wraps are applied to the surface of your vehicle and conform to the curves to simulate paint.

You can either wrap a section of your car or your entire car. It’s completely up to what look you are trying to achieve and your budget.

Vehicle Signage - Graphic Design Mackay

Vinyl Cut Decals

Vinyl is an self adhesive sticker material which comes on rolls of a large range of colours and it can also be printed on. Out of the three vehicle signage options available, vinyl cut decals is the most affordable. Pricing varies depending on the complexity of the design as the majority of the cost is usually the installation.

The design can be as simple as your logo and phone number or complex and eye catching with added graphics like the image on the left.

One Way Vision

Take advantage of all the free advertising space on your vehicle. Along with a car wrap or vinyl cut decals, you can also add One Way Vision to your vehicle’s back window.

One Way Vision lets you cover your window with graphics without obscuring driver visibility. It’s made from  high quality PVC film which has thousands of tiny holes which allow for clear vision from the inside.

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